Windrush Malinois
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 Ranch & Kennel
 P.O. Box 706
Rio Hondo, TX 78583

Belgian Malinois

Koral Vitris Bohemia


Austrian Import from incredible bloodlines. Both parents are IPO III dogs and International champions as is every other one going three generations back. Just an incredible dog. Intelligent and devoted yet tenacious when needed. Koral is an excellent example of the breed: conformation, intelligence, and ability.


Scalloways Yex


Scalloways Yex

Swiss Import

Sire of Numerous AKC Champions

Producing the Best of Both Worlds: Work & Show

One of the last sons of Guliver de la Virginie




Robin de la Fontaine du Bois

Bass de la Noaillerie

T'Margritt de la Noaillerie


Guliver de la Virginie


Moogli de la Seigneuriale

Aza de Bonduverie

Tacha de la Virginie


Ithos des Deux Pottois

Nicky des Deux Pottois
Champ.Campagne Top Belgian Ring dog
Top Swiss Military Working dog

Iveline des Deux Pottois


Scalloway's Belle


Hell des Deux Pottois
Ring III

Gitane du Colombophile
International Champion
Schweiz. Champion

Cyndi du Colombophile





Hight Lights
• Top breeder
in the U.S.
• Dogs for
show and work
• Several Top Imports
• Been breeding
Malinois for
over 30 years


Windrushs Maukie

AKC CHAMPION WINDRUSHS MAUKIE Finish with limited showing with 4 majors out of Scalloways Yex and Windrush's Taya. Maukie is owed by Dr. Paul Haidak of PittsfieldMassachusetts.

Belgian Malinois available for stud service.
CH. Windrush's La Dent Feroce (Call name Arko)

Arko finished his championship easily at the age of 16 months. He combines the remarkable dual background of European working dogs & American breed producers. He is an elegantly tough dog equally at home, in the ring, or the streets. He has an extreemely high prey drive with a calm bite and an uncanny sense of what presents a threat and who is well-meaning. Arko is about 26" tall, 70lbs., has full dention & correct bite. His color is mahogony sable.

Sire: Scalloways Yex, Swiss Import, Producer of AKC CH Titled K-9's & SAR.
Dam: Windrush's Sabra
Grandparents: Guliver de la Virginie, Italian Sire, IPO3, Ring1. Scalloways Belle, Ring1. Windrush's Henzo, Producer of major pointed offspring/titled offspring. Windrush's Unica, Proven producer of certified working K-9's.


Windrushs Miss Kyra owned by Jerry & Janie Peirce.